oasis Residential Public School is an exemplary learning environment comprised of talented teachers, committed support staff, dedicated administrators, loyal parents, a generous community and Fantastic Falcon Students. All of our stakeholders strive to provide oasis Public School with the resources, strength and opportunities necessary to create Shoulder - Tapped Graduates. Our goal is for each senior to be recruited after their graduation; whether it is a four - year college, a culinary arts program or an art institute, we expect our learners to be sought after. Connecting children with their passion is the driving force of our school.

oasis Residential Public School believes in equipping our learners with the 21 st century learning skills: collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. Offering a rigorous curriculum, establishing high expectations, and providing real - world experiences creates an environment that challenges students to reach their full potential. Every member of our school community from our office staff, custodians, administrators, cafeteria staff, teachers, instructional aides, health clerk, librarian, textbook staff, security, ROP staff, a nd counselors develop and nurture relationships with our children. We believe that our diverse community is foundational to our continuing achievement. It is the commitment from our entire district from Class 1 to 10th grade to provide our students the essential skills, knowledge and inspiration for success in career and life.