Start of a dream......

I take pride in stating that ORPS Hajipur has been successful in proving true the words of Willa A foster Quality is never an accident it I always the result of high intention, science effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

This institution will surely trudge up the road of achievements consistently striving for betterment and will carve a niche for itself in the education fraternity. Wish it well for the future and hope to seethis institute and its members reach the pinnacles of their success.

Great pleasure embraces me as I use this forum to communicate with that bracket of society Which in togetherness with the school fraternities are entrusted the mammoth task of chiseling the Lives of the future generation. It is our privilege and a huge responsibility I must add that we as Educators and you as parents shoulder that of educating the young minds and souls.

My tem of ORPS Hajipur believes in providing a comprehensive learning experience to our Leaners which make education not only an integral part of life but a way of life itself.